Wednesday, 5 March 2014

About Me!

A few of my favourite things :)

Vital Stats:

Name- Poppy
Nicknames- Popsicle, Pops, anything that you could shorten poppy too :)
Birthday- 17th February 2000
Place of Birth- England, Leicester to be precise   
Star Sign- Aquarius
Occupation- Student


Hair colour- Dark brown, but it's ombre it so its kind of ginger/lighter brown as well
Hair length- Around the middle/bottom of my ribcage (when straightened)
Eye colour- Dark brown
Best feature- No idea, my eyes?...
Braces- Yes, getting them off soon though!
Piercings- My ears and helix, i want more though
Tattoos- No
Righty of Lefty- Righty


Best friend- A girl called Holly i think, in nursery
Award- Some swimming one probably 
Sport- I swam competitively for around 10 years but i recently quit, it got a bit boring
Real Holiday- I was 3 i think, we went to spain :)
Concert- I have been to around 3 'Big gigs' where there was more than 1 person performing and i loved it :)


Film- I watch too many films 
TV Show- Modern Family, outnumbered and the simpsons :)
Colour- Baby Blue
Song- I love all kinds of music from all different genres so i have no idea 
Restaurant- No clue, Mcdonalds? Lol jks
Store- For clothes probably New Look? I shop too much
Magazine- I don't know i don't read many magazines but probably company magazine


Feeling- Lazy, can you feel lazy? I feel lazy
Single or Taken- Single 5ever
Eating- Well cooking pasta at the moment 
Listening to- The TV
Thinking about- What about i am thinking about
Watching- Modern Family 
Wearing- Pj's :)


Want Children- Yes
Want to be married- Yep
Careers in mind- A media producer, or anything in media
Where do you want to live- America, Australia, anywhere other than freezing cold England, i love you England :)

Do you believe in:

God- No
Miracles- Just a series of convenient coincidences  
Love at first sight- No, maybe attracted at first sight, but love....Nahhh
Ghosts- Noo, yess, noooooo?
Aliens- Yep but not the classic film kind... I just think that its almost impossible that we are the only life form in the whole universe? What do you think
Soul Mates- Probably 
Heaven- No
Hell- No
Kissing on the first date - Depends
Yourself- On somethings , but otherwise it's on and off.

I hope you all enjoyed finding out more about me! I will speak to you all soon :)


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