Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Remember me? New and improved!

Hello old friends! Its been a while since i last posted (around half a year!) and i am excited to be back producing content for you all! 

As you may of noticed i have changed the look of my blog up a bit, including my name. I was never entirely happy with my previous blog name ( PoppyTalksAboutNothing ) or the look of my blog as I felt that it looked somewhat 'childish'. Although i am still not satisfied with my blog now ( i'm a bit of a perfectionist ) I prefer the overall look of it. The name 'VeryDarkGrey' stems from my love of wearing the colour black, also i didn't just want to use my name as its rather generic and boring. I hope to make future improvements on my blog both in my content and my layout.

Since i have changed my blog i have also unfortunately had to change my bloglovin' account. This means i have lost all 205 of my followers :( I know it will take a while to gain these follows back so it would mean a lot if everyone could share this post in order to get my blog back out there! 

I hope to be speaking to you soon!

Written in Wonderland xo


  1. Hey Poppy,
    I really like your blog but I really love the new minimalistic look and I agree, this title is much nicer and catchier. I've recently changed mine up too, I have a similar style blog so maybe you'll like it? 'http://anythingandeverythingnowish.blogspot.co.uk' I'm still editing it too though, other than that , I think your blog is nice and it's a shame about the bloglovin' situation but i'm sure you'll get them back soon :).

  2. Thank you Ellie! i am glad you like my blog :) I will be sure to check out yours!

    Poppy x

  3. Hey Poppy,

    Thanks for the offer on my blog, I appreciate that you took the time to look at my blog :) I would absolutely love to do a collaboration, please let me know if you have any particular ideas in mind.

    - Ellie

  4. Hey Poppy,
    Saw your blog on Bloglovin', good to see that you're back and with greater motivation. I used to get so sick of my old kiddish template too. Now I feel like changing my template now that I saw a few people using it too :/ Oh well.

    xo, Angelus