Monday, 16 March 2015

Why Blogging? collaboration with Lilacfumes

Hey guys! So recently me and my good friend Chloe (who also has a blog) decided to do a collaboration post on why we chose Blogging over YouTube. Out of many reasons we chose 5 to discuss and hopeful persuade some of you to start a blog! :) So lets get started.

Blogging Community 

This is a main reason for starting blogging in my opinion. The blogger community is huge, and no matter what you want to start a blog on you will always find an audience, and other bloggers willing to give you advice and feed back on your posts. 

More personal with your audience

Following on from the Blogging community I also feel that blogging is more of a personal way to connect with an audience. In blogging you tend to get a lot more comments and questions encouraging you to connect with more bloggers. You can also collaborate and make friend with people all over the world that share the same interest with you!

Improving English skills 

This one is fairly obvious. Practicing correct grammar and language helps your English skills. I also believe you have to think, more than YouTube, on specific points you want to make and what to wright in each post. Also it generally improves your photography skills as you have to use professional composition and how to make a product look its best.

Displaying personality through layout

Unlike YouTube, layout is one of the most important element of your blog. It shows your personality as well as giving people and incite on what your blog is about. Professional layout means professional content right? Personally I find changing my layout fun!        

Leading on to YouTube

If you really want to go into YouTube, blogging is a great bridge platform. Most big and successful YouTubers started blogging before YouTube. Its a great way to find audience and create a dedicated following, after all creating YouTube videos is much easier when you have people watching them. It also gives you a taste of the dedication a YouTube channel may take.

I hope you enjoyed this post! To check out the other half of this post go to Chloe's blog by clicking here. Her blog is fantastic and is definitely worth following! Thank you again for reading!
Do you have any other reasons Blogging is better than YouTube? Comment them below and maybe we could make a part 2!

(P.S- Sorry half of my post is in a weird grey font, i don't know how to fix it :( if you have any suggestions leave them below)


  1. This was so good Poppy! It was lots of fun to do a collaborative post; we should do it again! x

    1. yay, thank you Chloe! I loved yours too, we should definitely do one again sometime x